Kindergartners are everyone's little brother or sister at Camp Wise, and are taken care of by every member of the Camp Wise staff. Our goal is to introduce kindergartners to summer camp life by teaching them team work, person responsibility, and important social skills that will help them in school and at home. 

Campers will continue in the Kindergarten program the summer before their first year in Kindergarten.

Activities and Special Guests

Special guests visit Kindergarten every week for a fun activities like the Bubble Show, Reptile Show, Petting Zoo, water slides and bounce houses, story book guests, Independence Day Carnival, Campchella Music-Festival, and more!

Other activities available for kindergarten may include cooking, sports, music, wacky science, martial arts, gaga, arts and crafts, nature and scavenger, yoga, gymnastics, and dance. New activities are added throughout the summer!



Every Kindergarten group has a Head Counselor (an experienced Camp Wise staff person who guides the group), 1 or 2 Co-Counselors (a specially trained staff person with specific skills for this age group), and 1 or 2 Counselors-In-Training (a hand picked teen with some training and lots of enthusiasm) that help create friendships, foster relationships, and make a closely bonded community every week.

Kindergarten Buddies

Our youngest group of campers have the opportunity to be partnered with a “big kid” (5th-6th graders) for a big brother/sister program throughout the summer. Our oldest and youngest campers sing, dance, and play together on special occasions allowing the grade 5th-6th campers to build leadership skills and our youngest kids to have the extra attention and bonds they need for a successful first summer!