Grades 3-6

Two field trips a week, one dress up day, countless activities, and the craziest cheers ever make for the most memorable, energetic, and fun-filled summer for grades 3 though 6. 

Camp for grades 3-6 is non-stop action, all-day, every day of the summer! Campers, along with their Head Counselor, Co-Counselors, and Counselor-In-Training, are constantly on the move between exciting activities (e.g. intramural sports, art projects, pool-basketball, gaga), two field trips a week (Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hurricane Harbor, California Adventure, the beach), and special events such as Maccabia (color wars), counselor-led carnivals (i.e. Campchella), and on-site sleepovers for 5-6th graders. 

Our staff is trained and excited to create special bonds between our campers, make sure every camper has a friend and place at camp, and to make every camper's day feel special. 

The oldest campers have the opportunity to be partnered with a kindergartner for a big brother/sister program throughout the summer. Our oldest and youngest campers sing, dance, and play together on special occasions allowing the grade 5th-6th campers to build leadership skills and our youngest kids to have the extra attention and bonds they need!