Camp Wise is so excited for the future Katz Pavilion and Shalom Gardens, where Camp will have a beautiful new space for all our camp activities! Here is some information about the new facilities, the process of the project, and what spaces Camp Wise will use in the meantime!


What is the Katz Pavilion and Shalom Garden project?

The Katz Pavilion project is a renovation of and addition to Hershenson Hall. The project consists of expanding the existing building to accommodate a full-size basketball court and two practice courts.  There will be regrade at north, east and west of Hershenson Hall to accommodate public plazas and enhanced connections to Baron and Faber Fields, as well as a new Shalom Garden. Upon completion, the new Katz Pavilion will provide a modern space to accommodate the existing functions and gatherings. The proposed north portion of the addition will be constructed of operable glass doors that will front on a new outdoor plaza and landscaping comprised of grass, trees, and pedestrian walkways linking Katz Pavilion to the rest of the Temple. 

Will all of Hershenson Hall be renovated?

The existing multi-purpose room will be renovated and expanded. The existing Art Room will be remodeled to a Yoga Studio. New men’s and women’s bathrooms and a coach’s room will replace existing offices. The existing kitchen, classrooms, boy’s and girl’s bathrooms and nurse’s office will remain.

Will Baron Field be open during construction?

No, during construction, the contractor will use all of Baron Field for storage and staging. The south portion of the field will become the Shalom Garden. When construction is completed, about half of Baron Field will remain for its current use. Faber field will remain open during construction.

Will the lunch area north of Hershenson Hall be open during construction?

The area between Baron Field and Hershenson Hall will be within the construction fence and not available as it is being renovated.

Will parking and entry roads be impacted during construction?

Besides Baron Field, all existing parking areas and entry roads will remain open. Construction deliveries will be scheduled around morning and afternoon carpool hours to avoid adding congestion during those times.

Will rooms in Hershenson Hall not scheduled for renovation remain open?

Yes, but access routes may be limited and there will be some noise from construction.

Will any other rooms outside of Hershenson Hall be closed?

No, but some walkways may be closed so access to some adjacent buildings may be less convenient.

Will the construction generate dust or hazardous materials?

During construction, particularly demolition and grading, the contractor will execute the work with methods to minimize raising dust from construction operations and provide positive means to prevent air-borne dust from dispersing into the atmosphere. Prior to demolition, existing hazardous materials in Hershenson Hall (minor amounts of asbestos and lead) will be abated within containment and removed and disposed of per EPA requirements. The building design will maximize the use of non-toxic, non-hazardous, healthy and safe building materials.

What is the schedule for construction?

Construction is scheduled to start in June 2016 and be completed by September2017. Construction work hours will be generally from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Will Camp Wise still be on the Stephen Wise campus during construction?

Yes, Camp Wise will be on the Stephen Wise campus, but not in the Hershenson Hall building.

Where will campers be during camp?

Campers will be in the lower field and the classrooms surrounding it, and the Sanctuary Building. Campers will not be in the Hershenson Hall area or on the upper field for any activities.

Will the construction disturb camp activities?

Campers will not be near the construction, but there might be some noise on and off during the day.

Will the campers have any health risk being on campus during construction?

No. Environmental engineers will be monitoring all construction to ensure it is a safe and healthy campus at all times. Asbestos and lead will be abated in containment by trained professionals and a third party monitor will certify the building as clean prior to demolition. There will be no health concerns regarding removal.

Will campers still swim?

Yes, the pool will still be open during construction. Campers will not walk by the construction on the way to the pool, they will walk around.